Lutino Alexandrine Hen
Price $2,000.00
4 yo lovely Lutino Alex Hen. She is second generation. Price includes freight Australia wide   more
Green Indian Ringneck
Price $120.00
Young Indian Ringneck   more
Assorted Asiatics
Price $0.00
Finally a complete listing of all available @ 10/6/14   more
Lutino Alexandrine
Price $0.00
We have several lutinos hens available to sell. The price depends on the size of the parrot.   more
Indian Ringneck
Price $50.00
Blue males   more
Cleartail (WHWT) indian ringencks
Price $600.00
2013 Violet, blue & grey cleartails (WHWT) avaialable soon   more
2 Young Males and two young females Slaty 2011 Bred
Price $200.00
Vary nice two young male are 2011 bred and two young hens are 2012 bred they have been DNA and a certifcate.   more
2 Young Male Derbyan 2011 Bred
Price $1,250.00
Two vary big male birds and they have been DNA with a certificat   more