Lovely Cockatiel parrots for sale.
Price $450.00
Young, affectionate talking Cockatiel Parrot. 19 months old. Has been extremely spoiled. Hand fed, very tame. Loves neck to be scratched. Very affectionate. Out of cage all day with keeper. Gentle and loving. Get back to me if interested.   more
Price $35.00
cinnamon pied pearl white-face all $35   more
30 cockatiel christmas sale
Price $35.00
lots cockatiels and ring-neck all colonr $80each   more
Aviary Grey Cockateils
Price $25.00
Aviary Grey Cockateils   more
Hand Raised Pastel Cockatiel
Price $150.00
Hand Raised Pastel Cockatiel   more
Cockateils for sale
Price $25.00
Beautiful cockatiels for sale   more
Price $40.00
I have young Cockatiels for sale in camden N.S.W   more