Young hand reared eclectus parrots
Price $750.00
We have a number of beautiful young eclectus parrots currently being handreared.   more
Eclectus female
Price $1,000.00
14 month old hand raised by breeder in Bunburry then sent to Hervey Bay. Very friendly,talkative & inquisitive. Price includes large cage that has been her home since coming to Hervey Bay.   more
Eclectus girl pet - & An aviary 8 mth old
Price $0.00
Beautifully handraised baby girl & stunning Aviary semi parent raised female   more
ECLECTUS- Hand Raised- We freight Aus Wide! Limited numbers avail
Price $1,250.00
Eclectus Males and Females Available. All Hand Raised. Limited numbers. Deposits taken now!   more