About Us


Buyabird.com.au is Australia's BEST and ONLY online classified website dedicated to helping you buy and sell birds. BuyABird has been developed to help people like you, to bring together buyers and sellers in one place. For too long, Australian aviculturist's have had to endure poor online exposure. Small advertisements in cramped affiliate directories meant that the chance of you selling your bird or even finding the right bird to buy was like finding a needle in a haystack! Well, not anymore... Buyabird.com.au is dedicated to servicing the Australian Aviculturist big or small. Why not list your birds for sale on Buyabird.com.au and take advantage of our superior sales platform. We guarantee YOU WILL NOT be disappointed!

How much do I have to PAY?

All classified ad's on BuyABird are completely FREE! Yes, that's right, ZERO COST! So place one ad or place one hundred. There is absolutely no cost to using our service! :o)

How long does my ADVERTISEMENT last?

Your ad runs until your item is sold or you cancel your ad. We ask that you log in to your ad at least once every 30 days to ensure your information is up-to-date. To keep our site current for buyers and sellers, ads not accessed for more than 30 days may be removed from the site. So whether you sell you items in one hour, or one week, or one month, or even one year, it costs you nothing. We think you will agree this is a very generous offer.

Who will see my ADVERTISEMENT ?

Buyabird.com.au is Australia's ONLY truly dedicated online classified aviculturist website. We have photo advertisements running across a print readership of thousands of enthusiasts which translates into thousands of page impressions and searches for birds and bird related products. Whether your birds are worth hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars, selling on Buyabird.com.au makes great sense!

BuyABird.com.au came about with the sole aim to bring buyers and sellers of birds and bird related material together.

Mark Kelly founder and owner of BuyABird found searching for birds to buy on the internet difficult and time consuming. Many larger aviaries have the capabilities to setup websites for potential buyers to peruse stock, but what about the small guys? Mark took it upon himself to try and create a one stop shop for buyers and sellers, both young and old, to search for, and locate parrots available for sale. He also wanted to provide this service on a platform that is both quick and straightforward to use. BuyABird is Australia's ONLY bird specific classified website.

Do not leave your next sale to chance, give BuyABird.com.au a go! We are sure you will be glad you did! :o)