Handraised Baby Eclectus for Sale
Price $900.00
Male and female Baby Eclectus available, all babies are harness trained   more
Handraised Blue and Gold Macaws
Price $4,500.00
Quality Pet Macaws   more
Moluccan Red Lory pairs for sale
Price $2,000.00
Pure Unrelated Parent started Moluccan Red lory Pairs   more
Hand raised olive lorikeet
Price $150.00
Hand raised gorgeous olive lorikeet comes with cage and food   more
Utopia Birds Winter Auction 2015
Price $250.00
Hi, We have at present 70 lots of parrots for sale, including 10 types of Amazons and many different colours of lorikeets. They will be for sale from 8th May till 16th May 2015,   more
Black Headed Caique Pets
Price $1,200.00
Young BHQ Hens   more
Blue Fronted Amazon hen hand reared
Price $1,200.00
Young hand reared BFA hen   more