2 parakeets in a big cage
Price $200.00
2 parakeets male and Femal   more
Gold Cap Conures
Price $6,000.00
2013 pairs   more
White Bellied Caiques
Price $5,000.00
2013 pairs   more
senegal parrot handraised young
Price $1,500.00
she is dna sexed hen gentle lovely nature does not bite loves cuddles quiet bird lots of personality   more
Price $500.00
Looking for a female parent raised eclectus asap. Please contact me if you have one available in Brisbane area or if you will freight.   more
Buru red lory pair.
Price $0.00
Pair buru red lories, both mature birds with the hen a proven breeder. Put together early in the year and all over each other now.   more
Split lutino red lory pair.
Price $0.00
Split lutino buru cock and Buru hen.   more
Chattering lories.
Price $0.00
Young yellow backed chattering lories.   more
Gang Gangs
Price $0.00
Pair gang gangs, mature both tame with cock talking.   more