Wanted - Female Scarlet Macaw
Price $0.00
Female Scarlet Macaw   more
Green Cheek Conure for sale to a loving home!
Price $250.00
Gus is a sweet little guy who loves to spend time on your shoulder and relax with you. He is such a gem:)   more
For sale 2-3yr old pair Pied Palehead Rosellas
Price $950.00
For sale - 2-3year old pair Pied Palehead Rosellas not yet fully coloured.   more
For Sale - Breeding Pair Pied Palehead Rosellas
Price $1,300.00
Breeding pair reverse pied palehead rosellas for sale. Approx 6 years old.   more
Princess parrots for sale.
Price $200.00
Male and female princess parrots, 3 years old. Female is close rung and male has a split ring. Both copy each other and talk as well. Very lovely birds will breed if u put a nest box up. Must go to a experienced owner. Quick sale $200 for both of them.   more
Finces available for sale
Price $300.00
Sweet and easy going Native finches Birds. Almost weaned, the parrot is now ready for adoption. Intelligent, tame and will pick up on all words and sounds of your voice.   more
Lovely Cockatiel parrots for sale.
Price $450.00
Young, affectionate talking Cockatiel Parrot. 19 months old. Has been extremely spoiled. Hand fed, very tame. Loves neck to be scratched. Very affectionate. Out of cage all day with keeper. Gentle and loving. Get back to me if interested.   more
DNA Tested Eclectus Parrots for sale.
Price $300.00
Home raised and very friendly Eclectus parrots for sale to any loving and caring home. They are home raised and all registered. We have raised them from their eggs to maturity. These sweet electus have a great vocabulary and they love to sing. These birds shall be going out with a cage and a bird m   more
Crimson Bellied Conure
Price $550.00
Beautiful, healthy 2 year old female conure.   more
Yellow-naped Amazons Unrelated Pair
Price $0.00
PPC (Priam Psittaculture Centre) Research & Breeding R&B Yellow-naped Amazons for AUCTION at www.priamsale.com.au   more