Lovely Pair of Umbrella Cockatoos for Sale
Price $800.00
Home raised and very friendly Umbrella Cockatoos for sale to any loving and caring home.   more
We are specialized in the breeding of Ostrich and parrots birds/eggs
Price $500.00
Well established Ostrich and Parrot farm with more than 28 years of experience in Ostrich and Parrot farming and products including their by-products.Our activities include the production and export of major branded products such as Ostrich chic   more
Eclectus male
Price $600.00
Hand raised hand trained   more
Price $2,000.00
Female 11 mths old Male 5 mths old related were hand raised weaned to powder fruit veges pellets   more
Eclectus Parrot with Aviary and inside cage
Price $1,400.00
Eclectus Parrot with avairy and inside cage   more
Yellow Naped Amazons , Parvipes, Young
Price $1,900.00
We have for sale parent reared 2 Yellow Naped Amazons   more
Lorikeet Mutations
Price $0.00
Lorikeet mutations, variety of colours available at Utopia Birds.   more
Lorikeet Mutations
Price $0.00
Lorikeet mutations available at Utopia Birds   more
Variety of colours Lorikeet mutations
Price $0.00
Utopia Birds selling a variety of Lorikeet mutations.   more
Blue-fronted,Yellow-winged,DoubleYellowHeaded,YellowNaped Amazons
Price $0.00
Amazons for sale; single and u/r pairs available. Summer Auction 2018 go to UB Auctions to view full list   more