Green cheek conure
Price $200.00
He comes with a nice big cage and accessories. He is a bird with character. He loves to fly and have fun.   more
Unrelated Pair - Black Headed Caiques
Price $2,100.00
Super friendly - were hand reared - NOT pet quality   more
Mutation Green Cheeks Pair & spare Crimson Bellied
Price $250.00
2yo AVIARY birds only   more
PROVEN Yellow Crowned Amazons
Price $3,000.00
Rising 6yo great visual health and perfect feather   more
Golden Conures
Price $14,000.00
Unrelated Pair - stunning birds   more
Price $8,200.00
BLUE-CROWNED CONURE / SHARP TAILED CONURE (THECTOCERCUS ACUTICAUDATUS) Nicely coloured in very good health, unrelated pair. $8200 Cock 2013 ; Hen 2014 ; DNA and MTR provided.   more
Umbrella Cockatoo
Price $999.00
Beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo-- 12 year old male. Loves attention and playing with everyone. He has a small vocabulary and is learning more words and phrases everyday. Very intelligent bird. Cannot keep him due to personal issues.   more