Pair of Galahs
Price $150.00
Pair of Galahs, 3.5 years old looking for new home   more
Hand Reared Conures
Price $250.00
Hand reared Pineapple and Cinnamon conures.   more
Pair of Cockatoos
Price $200.00
Lovely pair of cockatoos, looking for a new home   more
male Cockatoo
Price $100.00
Beautiful male cockatoo, one year old   more
Young hand reared eclectus parrots
Price $750.00
We have a number of beautiful young eclectus parrots currently being handreared.   more
Price $300.00
Lovely curious handraised Alexandrines   more
Beautiful Male and Female sulphur-crested Cockatoos For Sale.
Price $1,000.00
Come with cage, price isn't negotiable as I paid 1000 just for my male and 700 for my female.   more
Price $300.00
cute warm alexandrine ready to become your great pet.   more
Ornate Lories for Sale
Price $1,100.00
3 related ornate lories for sale, 2 hens, 1 cock bird. Excellent birds. Related brother and sister, and mother available for sale. Will swap the cock for an unrelated cock bird. $3300 the lot   more