Hand raised pineapple conures
Price $250.00
Beautiful friendly birds that would make an excellent Christmas present.   more
Green Quaker
Price $170.00
she's 3-4 years old she's scared of new people she needs someone willing to work with her, we are looking for a smaller place that's why we are selling her   more
Bird and cage for Sale
Price $300.00
yellow Face Quaker   more
Quaker Parrot
Price $400.00
Looking to re home my Quaker parrot named Yoshi!   more
Price $400.00
Talking Pair Of African Grey Parrots For Sale
Price $500.00
Beautiful DNA baby African Grey Parrots for sale.very very tame birds will come on to your hand once you get to know the birds within 2 weeks it will be extremely friendly with you.comes with a massive cage with toys and food with out the massive cag   more
New Bird Cage with everything Included plus 2 Yellow Cockatiels and Bonus Accessories! Must Sell!
Price $150.00
I am selling a New Bird Cage including 2 Yellow Cockatiels and all accessories as we are moving Interstate on Tuesday 8th November! Must be picked up either Sunday 6th or Monday 7th November!.. Even includes Bird Carrier Cage!   more